Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reduce & Re-Use that's also Good for you!

For several months now I have been getting my milk from our local dairy delivered once a week, fresh to my door step.
Then right before Thanksgiving my best friend bought me the Soda Stream.

With both I get HUGE health benefits as well as amazing amounts of green/eco saving numbers.

For the cola ~ I can make my syrup with Stevia & a slight bit of Agave which is MUCH MUCH better for you and MUCH lower glycemic levels.
For the milk ~ its cold processed instead of pasteurized. The bonus is the FDA and state laws require so many levels of testing and health procedures for "Raw" milk. Safety laws that are NOT applied to pasteurized milk. One article I read called it the difference between live clean milk and the sterilization of dirty milk.
Now not all raw milk is equal. If you have a local trusted reputable dairy I say look into it!
Also with cold processed milk you get the live healthy bacteria that helps your intestine track vs. pasteurized which has been boiled til every bit of bacteria good and bad is dead.

Eco/Green wise
For the Cola ~ I save plastic by not buying it in bottles and cans but reusing the same 3 BPS free bottles over and over and over.
It save's all the gas and electricity to make & transport the bottles and soda.
For the Milk ~ Since they re-use the bottles that save a ton of plastic. Also since its local it saves all the gas and packaging of transporting long distances.
Not to mention supports local business as well as organic & green products.

See - Good for you - Good for the Earth!

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