Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home-Made Stain Remover

I found this recipe on Pinterest comparing it to "shout" - I won't stoop that low - this is The Best Stain Remover!
I used it on a pink dress that had washed in chocolate stains - weird white stains on my hubby, doggy vomit & cranberry stains - every single one came up sparkling clean!

Now first off I halved the recipe because my bottle couldn't hold the full recipe (by half a cup) I recommend always pre-filling your container to find out how much it will take before mixing anything!
Luckily I read through the measurements and took a good long look at my tiny bottle - filled it - measured it out and cut the recipe in half!
Love it!

Edit: 3/8/12

I can't tell you how amazing this is!
I only wish I had taken before and after photos to show you how amazing this is! Next time I will.

1. My daughter had hidden one of her bright pink dress shirts under her bed due to a large dried chocolate stain (around 4x3 inch). I honestly didn't take a photo because I was only hoping to reduce the stain - I did not expect a full removal and a return to brand new like color!

2. My daughter again had hidden one of her new blankets from me due to an INK stain! 6x5 inches HUGE! Dried in - maybe a month of sitting and soaking into the cloth. Also some splashes of paint, grape juice & pizza stains (this coming from someone who is not supposed to have food in her bedroom!). Again I added the stain remover more as a what the hay! then because I had hopes of it even lightening.
Not only did it come all the way out - I can't even find where it was!

Next time I will take and add before and after photos.

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