Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home Made Guide to Safety

 My shopping list reads like a science experiment gone wrong.

Basic ingredients for both Personal and Home care recipes are:

Essential Oils
Baking soda
White/distilled Vinegar
Dish detergent
Fels Naptha (or bar soap)
20 Mule Team Borax
Washing Soda
Kosher Salt & other various salts
Liquid Castile Soap
Boric Acid
Petroleum Jelly
Rubbing Alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide
Lemon Juice

Yes there are many many more, however, how well did you pay attention to Chemistry in high school?
If you store Ammonia near Chlorine you might end up with potentially lethal Chlorine Gas?
Ok so you are a pro at storing them safely, are you also going to make sure you don't make TWO Home-Made products in you kitchen one that calls for bleach and one that calls for Ammonia on the same day? I try to avoid bleach altogether now, but be aware these are still ACTIVE Chemicals and can when mixed incorrectly cause problems.

Also take another good long look at the list.
If you are "jumping" on the Home Made, Toxic Chemical Free, Green & Eco Friendly, Allergy Friendly, Asthma friendly, money saving, bandwagon for the first time you may buy many of these items in bulk.
If you happen to be doing a mammoth shop, where you also buy Anti freeze, fertilizer, bleach & various weed killers guess who may end up tapping your phone lines?

Also its a very good way to burn yourself out.
My recommendation?
Make one thing at a time to replace what you have used up. Stock pile recipes and slowly gather your cleaning supplies so as to not break the bank.

Also read up on Kitchen Chemical Safety & storing safety

Here is an EXTENSIVE site from our government on product safety
Basic cleaning Safety tips
Prevention & Care Safety tips
Serious Chemical Home Safety - explosions, gas leaks, toxic fumes ect.

Eliminating dangerous & toxic chemicals from our daily lives will improve your overall health and peace of mind, not to mention many other benefits.

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