Welcome to Garris Cooking.

This is not a fancy food blog. 

Its not a healthy food blog. 

Its not an unhealthy food blog. 

It IS a DYE free food, home & personal blog.

My children have skin & intestinal issues concerning all dyes - thus I have many body care, cleaning & food recipes that are dye free.

I love photography and have decent camera - however, this is not a photo food blog, nor do I add anything like oils to "shine" up the photos.
What you see if what you get.
I cook it - take the photo and then eat it, I do not waste food making it look better then it is.

I am also on a tight (very tight right now) budget, so naturally my food choices stem from that budget.
I would love to feature better meats, spices & lots of fresh produce, at this moment our family budget does not allow this.

You are welcome to browse, print, edit & ask questions. I have tried to itemize different items under my tabs at the tops of my blog, making it easy to find any recipe you are searching for.