HomeMade Personal Care

This is where I will be posting Non-Food recipes that are for personal care - body, skin, health ect. Will be posting many more things in the weeks to come!

Home Made Guide to Safety 
Die Dye - why you won't find recipes with dye on my blog

Sugar Lime Hand Scrub
Bug Spray 
Face Cleanse
Cough Remedy
Hand Cream
HomeMade Cough and Cold- Tea
Homeopathic Sun Burn Treatment
HomeMade Deodorant - it works great!
However, my skin is too sensitive for it and I had to stop using it.
Hint: Must wash it off every 12 hours. If you get red, blistering skin - stop using & DRY out your arm pit. Do not put Vaseline or anything on it save powder.

Coming soon
Arthritis & Joint relief
Honey Lemon Throat Drops


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