Thursday, December 22, 2011

Orange Pinapple Syrup

So far from the two syrups I have made from Prairie Moon beverage concentrate. The Root Beer has a 4 star rating and the Orange Pineapple a 3 star.
For those not familiar with my rating system each member of my family gets a vote - making the highest rating a 4 star. The orange pineapple was too sweet for me, its good, but really gets over powering after a few sips.
Both syrups I made following the Stevia and Agave directions. Something I highly recommend!
You need 1 oz. of Syrup per 1 Lit. of carbonated water. If you make it following sugar or other sweeteners you need 2 oz. of syrup per 1 lit.

We love Prairie Moon, flavorings, pricing and how quickly they shipped!
I highly recommend this to anyone who loves soda but wants to control quality and sugar not to mention help the environment!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shepard's Pie (An Irish Eggroll)

Shepard's pie to me is the equivalent of the eggroll or as I like to call it "An Irish Eggroll". The point of both is to use up left overs - toss in whatever you have handy. In this grand tradition I refuse to follow any recipes.
Both times in the last two months that I have made Shepard's Pie I had done so on my own - each time they have been quickly devoured by my hubby who LOVES Shepard's Pie.

That said I do happen to have one or two friends that have to have some form of base or guide line. Hence the above recipe card of sorts.

Brown ground beef, saute mushrooms (or onion, garlic, cabbage - the list is endless) heat up veggies - do not over cook.
Add them to cooked ground beef and sauteed veggies. (Cook the ones you want cooked, saute the ones you want sauteed... I really am very loosey goosey. The whole point is to use foods you like cooked the way you like)
If you want a white sauce you can use sour cream like I did, alfredo sauce, milk and cream again list is fluid.
If you want a thin sauce I would go with an onion soup, water or an onion and garlic reduction.

Normally you would use hot veggies and cold leftover mashed potatoes. (I always do) this means that you really only need to heat the mashed potatoes. The time and heat above depends on how large a portion you have made and if the mashed potatoes are hot or cold.
You can use tin foil to cover and cook if you like and you can top with cheese if you like. We tend to stick to very basic preparations and ingredients - however, if you are a "classier" cook I am sure your leftovers will be too.

Anyway here is my latest version of Shepard' Pie - hope you enjoy! Never be afraid to cook without a recipe, follow basic cooking guidelines and preparation, along with your own personal taste and gut instinct and you will end up with a master piece!