Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home Made deodorant and a cake blog to drool over!

Home Made Coconut Deodorant From Antika Moda

5-6 tablespoons of pure coconut oil (found at any health food store)
¼ cup baking soda
¼ cup corn starch

1. Mix all 3 ingredients well until it’s the consistency of a soft deodorant bar
2. I put this mixture into an old deodorant container for easy use, but you can store it however you choose
3. Rub a small amount onto (clean!) underarms

It lasts all day, smells fresh (faintly of coconut), and keeps you dry!
The cool thing about this mixture is that each ingredient has a purpose:
Coconut oil kills bacteria
Baking soda is a deodorizer
Corn starch absorbs wetness
(For Men and Women)

For those out there like me that search strenuously for good natural aluminum free deodorant this is amazing!
I have left my Toms of Maine (a good product) and will make my own  - especially since Coconut is my favorite smell right now.

Next up I have a link from Texas Monkey, titled Dress up Cakes!
I will find a way to dress up some cakes for Thanksgiving! Don't worry I will blog photos of my attempts!