Monday, February 6, 2012

Turkey Empanadas - Spanish Eggrolls!

Now I love "Egg Roll" recipes. In fact in my Favorite Recipe tab I am making a tab just for Egg Roll food.

What is an Egg Roll recipe? You ask.
An Egg Roll recipe is where you use leftovers or food on hand in a flexible recipe that changes and adapts to the moment.

While recipes abound for Egg Rolls and good Chinese restaurants stick to the same recipe so as not to lose customers - most people understand that they started by the normal stay at home mama, grandma ect to stretch the budget and reuse leftovers.

What most people don't realize is that EVERY food genre and culture has at least one good "egg roll" recipe.

Last night I made Spanish Empanadas for the first time! They were delicious and yes for the first time I followed a recipe.
Black beans, corn & beef Emanadas
In the end mine didn't really come out the same I changed a few of the cooking methods and substituted one ingredient for another, with ingredients I had on hand.
They were delicious!

First I started with a Empanada Dough recipe or you can buy pre-made.

Then I cooked my ground turkey and spices in one pan while browning the garlic and onion in the other.
While they cooked I shredded a few carrots and pulled out the frozen corn and canned re-fried beans.

I poured out the grease from the turkey at least once before adding in the re-fried beans. I added the shredded carrots & corn to the onions and garlic - cooked until soft then added the meat mix  into the larger pan with veggies. 
I also did the veggies mix in the larger pan so that when I moved one to the other the major of the grease would be left behind.

I rolled out ten balls of Emanada dough, rolled them out into 6 inch circles. Fill the insides, wrap, use water to seal the edges, press together with a fork. Coat bottom and top with veg oil. Bake at 425 d for 25-30 mins. Allow to cool on a wire rack for 10 min.

This time I didn't use cheese but I might the next. Good part is that you can use, beans, rice, meat, veggies the possibilities are endless!
In fact all you have to do is look up "Empanadas Recipes" you can find them with any type of meat to fruit pies!

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