Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home Made Bug Spray

I had been married just under two years when we took my daughter (8 months old) camping. I love camping. Really I do, in fact several of our wedding present were camping items.
My worry grew over mosquito's, that year, West Nile Virus was bad. However, covering an infant in bug spray in not something I was comfortable with.

After some research I found many complicated home made bug sprays. (Very complex and not all kid friendly ingredients.)
However, after reading up on mosquito repelling plants I bought one spray bottle filled it with water and added in 20 drops of clove bud oil.
It was amazing!
For 8 years I only used water and Clove - I was able to spray it directly into my daughters face and not worry about it hurting her eyes or her chewing on her hands or for that matter rubbing her eyes!
One large stress down!
Last summer (after a hard winter and a very long wet spring) the mosquito's were the worst I had ever seen here.
So if you live in a very heavy mosquito area you may want to look into adding Rosemary, Lemon Grass & Lavender. I have not tried them on an infant and would say try at your own risk.

Now you might not believe me, but this works better than products on the market with dangerous chemicals in them!
9 years ago I switched and I promise you I will never go back!
I am also adding these plants into my garden to keep my yard naturally mosquito free (works on a few other biting insects).

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Cox Family said...

This is AWESOME!!! I have clove oil right here in my much water should I add? Or, what size spray bottle should I use? Thanks!!