Saturday, February 11, 2012

Provolone Potoato Soup

This is a very amazing vegetable soup, also easy, tasty & cheap!

First I started with Storage Powdered Potato Soup Mix, then I cut up several carrots, added in crushed garlic, yesterdays leftover potatoes, & some frozen broccoli.
You can toss in almost anything. Timing is what is important. I used fresh carrots - so I had to throw them in first so that they would cook fully by the time the rest of the soup was done. The leftover potatoes I tossed in during the last five minutes - too early and they would turn to mush.

Soup - taste wise is one of the most flexible foods you can find. Knowing how to cook what you put in & when to put it in is key!

When everything was all cooked up and ready I poured it into my Ikea individual soup bowls covered the top with provolone cheese microwaved each one for 1-2 minutes and voila!
A meal worthy of any Home Style Restaurant!

30 minutes from pot to table and all food I had in my fridge! Leftovers fit for royalty!

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