Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is cheating?

I recently found a blog post 
that said any Foodie 
who makes or uses processed or frozen premade foods
is NOT a foodie.

As well as that
If you don't use Fresh Whole foods
You don't deserve to blog, eat, or even READ foodie articles.

First off obviously this type of person has NEVER been strapped for cash
second I also highly doubt that they have children.

To me ALL food can be good.
It only needs to be cooked properly.
(no this does not mean that all premade food are equal if you can afford quality buy it)
Do I loved fresh?
All handmade food?
Designer and imported Cheeses?
Oh heck yeah!
Am I a snob?
Am I a fake?
Do I cook what I can to the best of my talents?

I am a real woman, cooking on a real budget, for my real family.
If that makes me a lesser foodie to some
so be it.

1 comment:

Dawn Marie said...

who cares if you are termed foodie or not? You cook well, and enjoy what you make, if they have time to make pasta, and pluck their chickens fresh, then so be it.
There are some things that are very helpful to have pre-made already. Although i do like to make things on my own, ahead of time on the weekend when I can.
you are a great and creative cook, let them keep their labels.