Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Perfect Brownies - Product Review

9 months ago I bought my BFF one of those 'as seen on tv' perfect brownie sets
today we finally pulled it from its box to try it out!

First we had to find the best brownies ever *Betty Crockers Triple Chunk Chocolate

After bathing the teflon nonstick surface in spray per instructions
it still pulled the tops off and left parts behind.
Also it was not a simple pull the get your brownies either 
I had to use a spatula to keep the bottoms from ripping.

Good part - bottom did not leak
Bad part - not as non stick as they want you to believe

Now if we had cooked the brownies to where they were completely dry
and allowed them to cool completely I am sure they would have been fine.

Lets face it though - I DON'T LIKE THEM THAT WAY!
I like a warm soft brownie!

The end result buy at your own risk 
I give it 3 stars

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