Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Relationship to Food

Recently I have been made aware of a book titled, "Eat Right for your Type" meaning eating for your blog type. I have just started this fascinating read and I am willing to shop and eat for my type for at least two weeks - then we go camping and I will fudge a bit - but most likely will pick it back up.

Simply reading through their list of foods I need to avoid can easily explain why I have been eating "healthy" and still gaining weight. I am eating socially acceptable foods that my body is having a harder time processing.
I will be following the Blood group B diet as well as the O for my children. Not sure what my hubby is we may need to get him retyped.

At first glance I have to say this sounds very promising - also explains why many do great on hunter gather diets and others don't the "O"s fall into that grouping. Its also what they believe is the "root" blood type, the oldest of all of them.

I will be honest, opened and as impartial as I can be while on this diet. I will give FACTS, as well as show my recipes.

I promise not to make this a Do it My Way food blog. If this becomes a lifestyle choice I will let you know!

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