Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eggs and Turkey

For breakfast or dinner Eggs are amazing!

Turkey Bacon
Smoked Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Green Onion

Always cook eggs in a hot pan
I have cooked eggs since I was 4 and its only been the last few years that I have cooked them
according to all the cooking shows rules (hot pan) and I have to say - Incredible!
Quick, fast and fluffy!

Breakfast for Two or dinner for one 
Tastes great and follows diet for B!


Cox Family said...

Wow, so it really truly DOES make a difference to let the pan heat up first? I will have to try it!! This looks SO good.

Telisha Garris said...

Yes ~ You pre-mix the eggs and other items in a side bowl add them to a hot pan and start stirring right away - even for omelets you pull into the center. allowing the goo to run around the edges - forming a very fluffy omelet.