Friday, June 10, 2011

Turkey on Sprouted Wheat

Still eating for blood type B

Sprouted wheat bread - made locally in bountiful so bonus as support within my own state!
Honey Turkey (Healthy One)
Apple Cheddar Cheese (best cheese in the world! I normally eat it with crackers!)
Iceberg Lettuce

Thin layering of Light Miracle Whip on the bread and Ready to Eat!

Drinks today were: Coffee, Green Tea & Water (all ok)

Everything listed and shown above falls into the eating FOR B Type blood.
Will I miss some foods? Yes.
Can I survive without them? Oh yeah!
Eating this way can not only help improve my health, help me lose weight but can improve my energy as well as my brain functions, cholesterol and BP.

I am three chapters into the book Eat Right for your Type and recommend it seriously to everyone. It changes how you see things, especially food.
There are no limits, no fancy math on what to eat and when. You eat when your hungry and enough to curb your appetite!

This is not a make do, its a lifestyle change.
Can you cheat? Yes.
Should you cheat often? No.

After years of eating healthy and not losing weight this diet makes sense. I will keep you updated on my weight (will weigh in tomorrow) and my over all health and energy.

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