Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breakfast & Lunch

Ok I am on Chapter two of the book "Eat Right for your Type". Meaning blood type.
Reading through the list it was easy to see all the things I had been doing WRONG. This morning I focused on eating foods on my list that are GOOD for me.

That's right! Oatmeal & apples for breakfast, and a WHITE tortilla, eggs, parsley, salt & onion with Turkey bacon - I could have added cheese as well if we still had some! (Loving the B blood type!)

Foods I will miss the most pumpkins, tomatoes, pepper and Chicken. Is this going to be hard - not really.
I found that most of the foods on my list are the foods I CRAVE!

Ironically my children with their O'ness need more of a hunter gatherer diet - which suits the foods they CRAVE!
Tonight I hit the stores and will be stocking up on supplies for the kids and I food that will help balance out our bodies.
Why the kids?
If this works (of course they swear it does and right now it makes a lot of sense) then I want my children used to eating for their bodies. It is so much easier to grow up eating one way then to change when your an adult!
In my tab section I will have recipes easily labeled under "Eating for (b/o)".

If anyone else has done this lifestyle change or follows someone who does please leave me a comment!

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