Friday, June 24, 2011

Mikasa Giveaway - Through StoneGable!

5 Piece Place Setting 

I love plates!

I have the most incredible old bamboo set that I got from my grandmother. 

  This is Bamboo by Sango made in Japan
I have the full 12 piece set with all the trimmings
platters, tea set ect.

For my wedding I was given a Rose pattern set from my parents

This is Rose by Fine China made in China
Its an 8 piece set with tea service

My mother also bought me a special Tea Cup

Since everyone needs a special Tea Cup!
This is Hancock Platinum by Lenox made in the USA
part of the Presidential Collection

Can you tell I need some Mikasa?
I don't have any from them yet!

If I had lots of extra money to spare and more cabinet room
This would be my dream set from Mikasa!

 It might look plain but goes from 999.99 - 1500.00!
(click the photo for link)

Make sure to head on over to STONEGABLE  to enter contest ends 6/29/11!

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