Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BBQ & Southwest Tacos

Now I found this recipe originally on Pinterest titled Callies Soft Tacos. However, I modified it AND it wasn't quit correct on a few points. Thus I will be correcting it and not linking to the original.

Southwest Soft Tacos

5-6 frozen chicken breasts
1 can enchilada sauce
1 pkg taco seasoning
2 cups corn (I prefer frozen)
4 cups cooked rice
2 cups mexican shredded cheese

Place chicken, enchilada sauce & seasoning in crockpot. Cover. Cook on high 4 hours. 
Pull the chicken out - shred it - re-add back into sauce in crockpot along with corn & cook 30 minutes more. (more photos to follow)
Add cooked rice and stir together.
In medium soft shelled burritos, add some cheese and a few scoopfuls of southwest mix.
Roll up, I fold in two side slightly and roll the rest up and over.
Serve immediately with a side salad or wrap in either foil or press n' seal wrap, place in gallon freezer bags and freeze for quick lunches.
Using medium soft burritos I was able to make 30 (I used only 5 lg chicken breasts)
BBQ Soft Tacos

5-6 frozen chicken breasts (2-3 pds pork)
1 bottle of honey BBQ sauce (or flavor of choice)
3 Cups cooked rice
2 Cups mexican shredded cheese

Place chicken & sauce in crockepot, cover, cook on high 4 hours. (low up to 8 if you need it to cook while working same for recipe above). Remove chicken from crockpot - shred, return to crock pot and cook 1/2 hour more. 
Add cooked rice, stir together.
Add mix & cheese to soft tacos and roll up.
Serve immediately with side salad or wrap and freeze for later.

Using medium soft burritos I was able to make 30 tacos.

 after shredding
after adding in corn

My husband loves both of them and has been eating them for lunches from frozen
It took me two days of making one large batch of each and will feed him lunches for a month!
(working on the theory of 2 burritos a day)

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