Friday, August 3, 2012

Re-Grow Lettuce?!

Re-growing lettuce

Place cut end in water 2-4 days until growth is evident.
Then transplant into soil and continue to water.

On pinterest, I was told to just plant it in soil and water.
Instead of following it to the letter
I placed my romaine end into water for a few days, when enough growth (see photo above)
then I planted it in dirt.

So far just like re-growing my green onions - this is working perfectly!
I don't know how many times you can re-grow romaine before it can't give anymore
but I am sure to find out!
Not everything needs to hit the compost pile, the first time!

Also from now on I will be posting all of my gardening, photos, tips and recipes here on my food blog.
Hope you enjoy.

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