Friday, July 13, 2012

Kiwi Bakery in Magna - a review

We've lived in Magna under 2 years.
The first year we focused on school, yard, redoing the house... didn't do a lot of neighborhood scouting.

Magna, however, has a few hidden treasures on Magna Main (2700 S.)
Our favorite is The Kiwi Bakery.

We also liked the Pizza Stop, but due to a recent change in ownership they have cut half their menu and changed a few of the recipes - drastically reducing my families love for them.

Now their full name is, The Kiwi Bakery and Fish & Chips.
They & their recipes hale from New Zealand, foods like meat pies & sausage rolls can be found here!
Great food for very low rates!

Their staff is friendly, personable & the restaurant is always clean.

I LOVE their pasties!

This has two chocolate donuts for the kids, one cinnamon roll for papa & one cream puff for mama.
Also for lunch the next day is a steak & mushroom meat pie for papa.


Now I have made a few rather drastic changes to my food blog - first I took it off of the dynamic view - it had tons of views a day but no new followers, no new people commenting, liking ect.

So I switched back to "normal" blogger.
Thus I was able to add two new fun features to my blog!
A - Follow me on Pinterest - button
A new super cool, print or pdf. button, that can be found at the bottom of each blog.
Great things about the new print feature is that it allows you to remove photos, personal commentary - allowing you control of what you print and what size!

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