Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tub & Tile Cleaner (Tub Magic)

Tub Magic
A pinterest recipe

12 oz. White Vinegar
12 oz. Dawn Dish Soap
1 - Empty spray bottle

Heat vinegar until hot - add to bottle, add dish soap, cover & shake.

Spray, scrub, rinse & voila done!

Tough stains spray on & allow to soak in as long as overnight.

This has been stained for a year!
No amount of soaking or products have made a difference

This is after only 5 minutes!

I am so happy!

Also as a side note, the recipe for this that I found on pinterest (the many) all called for BLUE Dawn.
As I am fully against DYE's of any sort and am working them out of our life I used Dawn Pure, their one and only dye free dish soap.
It worked like a charm!

Also I try not to buy bottles, especially not if I have an old one that I can clean out and re-use.
But if you are going to buy a spray bottle - make sure it can handle a thicker stream - this is not something that will flow through a small spray bottle for water.

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