Monday, July 16, 2012

Shepards Pie - Favorite

Shepard's Pie - Garris Family Favorite

1     pkt Anjus Sauce
3     C. Water ~ for Anjus Sauce
4     C. Normandy Vegetables Mix
1-2 C. Ground Beef/pork/turkey
1/2  C. Sour Cream
2     C. Potato Flakes
3/4  C. Milk ~ for potato Flakes
2     C. Water ~ for potato Flakes
2     Tbls. Butter ~ for potato Flakes
1/2-3/4 C. Grated Cheese

Serves 4
cook time 1 hour
cook at 350

Now as I've stated before, this is what I call an Egg roll recipe. My previous Shepard's Pie found HERE, was good but the mashed potatoes were too thick and the sauce to thick.
My hubby still loved it, but he voted tonight and this is the WINNER!
Many people take cooking far to seriously - especially these types of foods. Both of these recipes I created on the spot to suit what I had available on hand.

Recipe Directions:

Add Anjus packet to a large pot - slowly add in water. Stir frequently over med heat. My packet called for 3 cups water.
Once the sauce is ready add veggies and pre-cooked (leftover) ground meat.
Start oven
I add the veggies about 10 minutes before the meat to give them time to cook.
Add the sour cream and stir.

At this point I prep my casserole dish by spraying the bottom with non stick cooking spray. Feel free to also use butter.

Pour into prepared bowl and place in oven with out the lid - cook 20 minutes at 350.

Start water & butter for potato flakes - once its boiling remove from heat then add both flakes & milk.

Pull out casserole dish from oven, mine was extra runny so I drained 1-1 2/2 C. of juice from the dish. Next time I will drain it before adding the sour cream - leave some of the sauce or it will be too dry.
Spread potato's over the top of the meat sauce and return to oven for 15 minutes.
A few minutes before the timer goes off shred the cheese.
Remove from oven sprinkle cheese over the top of the potato's and cook an additional 5 minutes to melt the cheese.
Serve and enjoy!

My veggies & ground meat

veggies while they cooked

My helper, trying not to step on top of my helper took an additional 5 minutes of cooking and prep time! Although he is rather cute!

Add the sour cream 

Next time I will have already removed half of this sauce before adding the sour cream 
however it still turned out well

using flakes instead of mashed really cut down the cooking time!
I didn't have to heat up cold thick potato's and these really seemed to do better in the dish.

Add cheese, cook - enjoy!

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