Friday, May 13, 2011

Backyard BBQ

Celebrating my new bowls. The one above and the set that my sister gave me!

Different flavored jellos (as I am doing this on a budget)

The result is the picture above

Bread crumbs with sauce and spices for meat.

Mash it all up

Shape and form

 Teryaki sauce with pineapples to top before eating but after cooking.

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Dawn Marie said...

I love your trifle bowl, and I hope you love the other glass bowls half as much as I do. I use them on a constant basis. I already have my new set being used in full force.

Blessed Rain said...

I love them right now because they photo so well! I really want a dynamitc looking food blog and they are resetting the tone - in fact I am retooling this blog to match the bowls!