Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Made Face Cleanse

I would call it a face wash - save the fact that its not really washing, not in the usual sense that is. I found this on pinterest, titled The Oil Cleansing Method, her post is amazing and very detailed. Check it out.

For my first batch (seen above) I used

1 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 oz. Castor Oil
5 drops of Tea Tree Oil

Gently rub it onto wet face. Next wet a wash cloth with HOT water (not boiling but as hot as you can stand it) wring and place on face - steaming your pores - until the cloth has reached room temp. (average 1 min)
Rinse cloth and gently remove oil.

Best ratio batches are

Normal skin 1-1 ratio of *EVOO & Castor Oil
Acne Prone Skin 1-3 ratio of *EVOO & Castor Oil
Drier Skin  1-3 ratio of Castor Oil to *EVOO

Other good oils for very oily skin are jojoba oil, grapeseed oil & flaxseed oil.
For very dry skin almond oil & evening primrose oil are good.

Add tea tree oil if you have issues with acne - or for your first batch to help your body transition without breaking out.

I have been using this for two days (early stages I know) my acne is clearing up and my skin is softer and healthier!
Already I love it!

As everyone is different you need to tweak your oils until you find the right combo - the one listed at the top is working well enough for me, but I will add any changes that I make back to this post!

9/27/12 ~ Update ~

 My face two days before I started using this

 Close up - trying to show all the many many tiny bumps 

Two weeks later
No oils that I can't wash away - no matter how many times I wash
No gunky feelings
No tiny thousands of dirt bumps on my face

Two weeks later
this is what the same patch of skin looks like!
I feel so much better!

I don't know about you - I however, am sold!
I will be using this for years to come!


I've been using this for 2 1/2 years now. Will never go back!
Any time I run out and put off making a new batch - reusing my old expensive face washes - my face immediately gets oily, greasy and bumpy!
This is the best stuff ever!
Not only does it make your skin feel clean and amazing but after a month of using it regularly you will notice you don't need to use it every night.
Instead I rinse my face with hot water, dry off and use the cleanse once to twice a week.
More during that "time of the month" for women.
I highly recommend this.
Cheap, easy and lasts forever!

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High Heeled Life said...

Hello dear friend, I'm getting back to regular blogging and have missed so much. This is amazing great tips... and love that we can make it- knowing exactly what is there. Happy Wednesday , Blessings ..XO HHL