Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving meal a little late

How nice my dining table looked before we started to devour the food.

Thanksgiving is a day when people all over the USA eat to excess. 
We are no different, our difference is that we eat a healthier meal.

boneless turkey breasts (they cook faster)
Yams with butter and cinnamon
green beans and butter
zucchini, squash and peppers with basil
home made cranberry relish
potato rolls 
and two
weight watchers pumpkin pies

We have learned that if we keep food simple, not adding in the extra soups, sugars and sauces it tastes just as great without the mind crushing comatose after dinner crash.

I have many other recipes from Thanksgiving week that I need to post, but it may take some time. I am now in full Christmas gear and Christmas in our family means Chinese! 

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