Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun Turkey Melts


Sandwich roll of your choosing
sliced turkey (also of your choosing)
cranberry relish (we use a handful of cranberry's plus one orange chopped together with a little sweetener added in)
several sliced of jalapeno cheese.

Heat oven to 350 cook for 20-30 min. until cheese is melted. If you are cooking this with something else at a higher temp cover with tinfoil.

The end result looks a little like this. While it won't be something we eat once a week its a great end of the holiday's recipe when bread, turkey and cranberry relish is something we have extra of. Its also a great break up if you are like me and fix a standard set of meals. I add in these types of foods once a week to break up the mundane and still stay on budget, with a easy to cook flavorful dish.

If the jalapeno cheese is on the spicy side for you you can use half of the jalapeno and another soft buttery cheese like Gouda.

Next up will be omelets!

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