Saturday, June 9, 2012

Breakfast, Egg Sandwich & Fridge Oatmeal

Or as I like to call this blog... Breakfast his & hers.
Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.
It sets the tone.
What I have personally found out is that if I have a breakfast prepped and ready I eat less and am less hungry.
If you wake up hungry and start searching for food, no matter what you find & eat, your brain still thinks its partially hungry. Its still searching for food - a different sort of hunger, worse really as it sticks with you.

For a few months now I have been pre-making my hubbies breakfasts, simple, filling and ready to go items that can be frozen.
Namely Breakfast Burritos. He loves them, but after 4 months he wanted a different taste.
Unfortunately the french toast didn't turn out well - it was too dry and too hard to eat on the go.

My Breakfast Shake is still very yummy but not something I can make every day - especially when the kids eating half of my ingredients (darn the fact that my kids love healthy foods! LOL).

Make ahead healthy Egg McMuffins that can be frozen. Here is the original recipe including Weight Watcher points 6  & 7.
Next time I will make these following the healthy ingredients - this time my hungry hubby went shopping and bought these less then stellar ingredients. Tastes great but it isn't even close to the weight watcher points.

This is no cook over night refrigerator oatmeal - very popular right now on Pinterest. I personally love it!
I will add a few pointers though - the fruit needs to be whole or cut in half, chopping it too fine or using mango or pineapple can cause it to ferment OVERNIGHT. I am not talking about yummy fermentation, I'm talking bitter bubbly yucky throw away fermentation.
Also buying Chia - you can find this in health stores. It comes in both canisters and sold in bulk where you bag and tag your own - much cheaper this way and I will vow - this is not cheap stuff but it does go far.
I have also started adding chia to my shakes.

These have been great! He gets his filling healthier meals and we will be doing both the burritos & the McMuffins for hubby. Have fun!

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