Thursday, April 5, 2012

Breakfast Shake!

Shakes are one of the best or worst drinks you can have for breakfast.
If you add tons of sugar, shake packets or high fat products a shake every morning is not going to help you out.

However if you have an immersion blender/magic bullet or even a regular blender a shake a morning can be quick, easy and healthy!

First off is stocking up on the right products.

I change up my liquids - I float normally between, milk, pineapple juice or horchata.
Sometimes I will even combine them.

Fresh & frozen fruit with no added sugars.

Non fat Vanilla Greek yogurt (must - really its amazing!)  

Then comes my "secret" ingredients. The ones you can't taste, see or smell once they have been blended together.

1-2 tsp of Flax seed oil
1-2 tsp. Lecithin Granules
& 1/2 dropper of Ginkgo

Add a bit of this, a dab of that, frozen items on top - always the last items in and voila - sweet, thick, rich, creamy and healthy!
This does so many things for your body! Skin, muscles, blood, intestinal track... amazing! 
Also if you are anything like me, starting off my day with such a sweet treat curbs my desire for sweets later on - also helping keep me moving forward on a healthier path!
With my immersion blender (that I love!) this literally takes two minutes. One to assemble and one to blend and pour!

I am also of thinking of adding in a tsp of gelatin for nail & hair health. Will let you know how that works out!

Edit 9/14/12

I love adding in half a packet of gelatin! Really helps my nails and thicken the shake.

I also have started to add 1/4-1/2 tsp of Chia seeds - they are amazing and very healthy! Its best if you soak them in your base liquid for at least 10 minutes before making the shake so that they absorb enough to digest better in your tummy.

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