Friday, March 16, 2012

Breakfast Freezer style

Two in a half hours and I have breakfast for my husband for a whole month!

First up French Toast - eggs, vanilla, cinnamon - dash of salt and sliced bread of your choosing.
Dip, dip other side, cook and voila! French toast.
Make it in large quantities and freeze the extra! Can be heated on the frozen cycle of your toaster! Very simple and yummy!

Next up Breakfast burritos - mine change each and every time I make them and depend on the food at hand.
This time I used hashbrowns, sausage, eggs, peppers, salt and pepper, cheese & tortillas.
Cook it all up, chop it up, fill, wrap and then wrap in tinfoil to hold the shape.
Unfreeze the night before, microwave 1-2 minutes. If you unfreeze in the fridge the night before they won't even be chewy!
Delicious easy way to have breakfast ready on the go - Better then fast food burritos!

Cooking for once a month does not have to been done all in one day. If you know you love the food and it freezes well make double and freeze the excess. When you get into the habit you will continually be eating or cooking for/from the freezer.
Pairing the food with a side salad, fruits and veggies, as well as whole grain breads and you will be eating healthier, smarter and on budget!

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