Sunday, October 3, 2010

Addicted to Tea

Yes I know another product review, but hey I don't have a kitchen right now so cooking is a little hard.

Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey, even my BFF has the cover of this bottle memorized.
Why? Because if this one isn't in the store I don't buy.

Normally... which is where, of course the story starts.

This week my BFF saw my disappointment for my store being out of stock again and helped me decide to try the store knock off brand.


Alright the Arizona Tea group has created a delicate blend of the three flavors, its smooth, sweet, light and best of all the tea is tasty.
I can say this with all sincerity as I am a tea connoisseur, re ally I even have my favorite tea shipped to me as its only made one place in the world.

The big blue store chain that will remain nameless, although, most people can guess who, must not drink the item before selling it. They sell a Green tea with honey and ginseng, the tea tastes between old and burnt, and the ginseng is too heavy so it leaves a sharp after taste that they try to cover by adding to much honey.


I dumped the offending product down the drain and replaced it with two bottles of Arizona. Reaffirming that some things can be duplicated (mac and cheese, cleaners, and cheap frozen pizza), but not everything. Some products can not be replaced and are not worth the thirty cents you might save.


Tired Mom said...

Aw =( Sorry the knockoff was gross...I guess you'll just always need to keep a couple of bottles stocked for emergencies =) Glad you were able to find your tea again.

Blessed Rain said...

Yep! I don't mind trying the knock offs normally I like them - this one was just so different in taste it was shocking!