Friday, October 12, 2012

Kapha 6 Spice

Kapha 6 Spice

2 parts dried ginger
2 parts black pepper
2 parts turmeric
1 part coriander
1 part cumin
1 part sweet paprika
1 part salt
1 part turbinado sugar/stevia
1 part dried mango powder**

Yes I know that the name is a misnomer, since there are more than 6 spice's in the spice mix. What can I say - its what its called!
* I used 2 tbsp. for the two parts and 1 tbsp. for the 1 part. Just to give you a jumping off point.
**Also this is a specialty store spice and I have not been able to find it locally yet - so for this first time I have omitted it, but am still searching for it.

This is an AFTER spice. As in After the food is cooked. This is not something that I will be putting on my husband or children's foods. Its for my Kapha/dosha. Its to help get my metabolism moving faster, burning more fat and out of its sluggish rut.

You can also add ~ mustard seeds, cayanne pepper, anise, basil, parsley, fennel & cinnamon. These are to change the taste and flavor if and when you get bored or to make it flow better with a dish. They all work with the Kapha system.

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