Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clean and Bright, Fridge Shelving

On pinterest a few months ago I found a post showing how to cling wrap your Refrigerator shelves - helping to keep them neat and clean.
I tried it.
Epic Failure.

 Okay so it did keep the shelving clean, in the spots that didn't get torn or worn through, but it left a grimy sticky film behind that I found harder to clean off then the dirt build up normally found on shelves.

Enter Pinterest idea round two!
Refrigerator shelf protectors made from plastic placemats.
The pinner measured, line up, penciled and scissored hers.
That just seemed like far to much detailed work.

Instead I pulled out my Tikki Tak (Handi Tak - as seen above) and my handy razor knife.

Took minutes for me to cut enough for the top 4 shelves.
If mine shelves had been shorter I would have used the ends for the side doors.
Instead I may end up going back for more placemats.

Nice, neat, clean and bright looking!

So here we go again to see if this will help me keep my fridge cleaner and neater.
With my kids growing more independent, getting their own food and drinks, its much harder to maintain.

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