Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Soda Stream - My new toy!

 My BFF got me an early Christmas present!
I have wanted a Soda Stream maker for a very long time!
This model is called Jet!
The flavors for the water are not like the over sweet carbonated waters you can buy at the store,
instead its a light taste that is refreshing with no bad artificial sweeteners!

So far we have only made the Lemon-Lime, as it stands in my home it has a 3 of 4 rating! Meaning 3 of the 4 of us like it! My son as always is the picky on - I will try their natural flavors on him later. They are made with all natural ingredients (the ones marked natural or pure) and no dyes!
Something we need! As LittleMan can not handle dye!

Christmas comes early and I am playing!
I will continue to post reviews not only on the machine but on the various flavors and types.

As always this review is 100% my own and was not endorsed by anyone.

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