Monday, July 25, 2011

Rock Creek Pizza - Restaraunt Review

My plate after hitting the buffet!

Kids plates

Our friends invited us out for lunch - Awesome them!
Unfortunately due to my Schatzki ring - I spent the majority of the time in the restroom - thankfully I can state the facilities are clean and well kept.

Once my issues quieted down I was able to enjoy the food - the ambiance and some time with family.
I unfortunately lost most of my time with Sarah as she was on a lunch dead line.

Tasty and many varieties
The Lunch Buffet
The salad portion was well stocked for a pizza buffet offering food for adults and children
The pizza portions were kept warm - well stocked and had many varieties.

Service was excellent once the poor staffer got off the phone to the manager on taking our discounted coupons - handled well.

Four star food rating and service!

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