Thursday, July 7, 2011

Burger King - Fast Food Review

Our day started early. I woke and was out the door shortly after 5 am. With kids in tow to pick up the hubby. By 6 am we had a flat tire. 6:30 we finally had the spare on and were once again headed home.

Since our "quick" run to grab papa turned into a very long morning we decided to grab breakfast out - this is a rare occurrence as we are tight on money and really loathe fast food places.

I should have known it was going to be one of those days when at an almost empty Burger King asked us to pull forward - be warned fast food places I will never again comply - a few minutes later they brought out our food. Quickly waving us away. My hubby had quickly checked the food but a large breakfast for 4 people its easy to miss something.

They did and he did. Arriving home we realized that they had forgotten my husbands specialty breakfast sandwich. When he called to complain and get re-reimbursed would they comply? NO.

After ten minutes on the phone with the manager my husband finally tells her - "Fine keep my 3.00 dollars but you lose me as a customer." Thing is fast food places no longer care. They really would rather hold on to a measly 3.00 when they KNEW and AGREED that they had made a mistake and it had been verified, then make a customer happy.

Why? Because they don't care about loyalty they know they are there for convenience. A convenience that is no longer convenient for our family. I will no longer waste my money on such low quality food with no customer service behind it. Next time I will return home and make oatmeal and eggs - its cheaper and quite honestly it TASTES A WHOLE LOT DAMN BETTER!

So buyer beware the BURGER KING off of 3100 S 5600 W in West Valley City, Utah serves cheap food - not made well and will refuse to correct any billing mistakes that THEY make.

I give this company and its employees an F and a big thumbs up on making my really crappy morning that much better!

So far the only two places I know of that serve fast food in the Salt Lake City Area with out screwing up a food order are Arctic Circle and Arby's. Brava to them and BOO to BK.


Tired Mom said...

I still can't believe they would not give you back your three dollars!!! Stupid Burger King...

Dawn Marie said...

I'm sorry you had such a rotten experience. They are idiots and should know better than to piss of customers.