Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Home Made Pizza

An American past time. The problem is most people like take away versions better than homemade. So I am giving my followers some tips and tricks to making and eating great pizza. A less greasy, great tasting pizza.

First off crust, I prefer wheat and there are several easy to mix bread machine varieties. If you are pressed for time your local markets offer several types. Choose one that goes with your likes and preferences, thin and crispy, deep dish ect.

Next and most important is the cheese. This is the one thing on my pizza that never changes Smoked Provolone cooked at 350 degrees or lower so it won't burn makes an amazing pizza. (10-20 minuets depending on size and toppings)

Sauce - every person has their own likes some use tomato paste, others mix tomato paste with spaghetti sauce. I use tomato sauce mixed with Pizza spices. (My favorite sauces that are non tomato are Ranch or BBQ sauce.)

Toppings - for the pizza pictured above I used Italian sausage, chicken, bacon, and olives. I also made a smaller pineapple and  olive pizza for my daughter.

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