Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Crockpot Ham

This year the hubby wanted a very simple meal with just us. This is opposite of how we normally spend holidays.
In fact last year for Easter I had my dad and stepmother, Shayne, Sara & Sue. After the dinner Lori came by as well.
Alright so I am the person who likes to make everything BIG. I LOVE to cook big, eat big, party large and just surround myself with friends and family.
I also normally have a HUGE meal.
Due to the smallness (just us four) I downsized my menu. 

I also get the irony of serving ham on Easter. We celebrate the life and resurrection of a Jew (Jesus) with ham... but since I can't afford a full Passover meal or Lamb at all... we did ham.
I found this trick on Pinterest a few years ago and will NEVER EVER make Ham any other way!
This makes it so tender and juicy, it literally falls off the bone. Hubby didn't have use the knife once!

Crockpot Rootbeer Ham

1 C. Rootbeer

Add items to crock pot, cook on low for a few hours (4-6 hours). Cover with tinfoil if your crock pot lid doesn't fit. Every hour pour the juice/soda over the top of the ham to keep the top moist. If your ham came with a glaze packet, instead of adding water to it, use the extra juice from the ham.

I served the ham with a glaze as well as scalloped potatoes and broccoli. While it was a small meal for a holiday it was delicious!

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