Monday, August 20, 2012

Camping Recipes & Tips

Going camping is a great, fun and relaxing way to be with friends and family.
No stress of making appointments, lines, traffic or dealing with tourist traps & bad service.
You get away from internet, phones and the TV.

Everything is great as long as you have planned ahead! To that end I make a list of all the camping supplies and items that need to be packed each trip. Everything from sleeping bags & pillows to tooth paste & tweezers.
Then the next step that really helps is coming up with a menu and recipe plan.
I do Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menu's allowing for some flexibility in what on what day.

Then I prep as much of it a home that I can. Not all food has to be made and assembled on site. Here is the Menu I used this camping trip.

Pancakes & Eggs
Breakfast Casserole
Drinks - Milk, Chocolate Milk & Orange Juice

For the pancake mix, I mix my own batch at home pour into a clean squeeze container.
This will last 5 days in your fridge. 3-4 Camping if properly made and kept as cold as possible.

Deli Sandwiches
Macaroni & cheese with hot dogs
Hot dogs/Cheese dogs & Brats

Camp Sub's
Hamburgers & Hot Dogs w/ foiled veggie packs
Coke Chicken

Other Great Recipes for camping that I didn't use this time
Breakfast Burritos - toss on the coals to warm up
Southwest Soft Tacos
Teriyaki Fajitas

Also here are two sites that have a ton of great Camping Recipes
Quiet Journey
The Camping Source

Also I bag things into gallon freezer bags. Asthma items, toiletries, dog treats, dog food, bug bites & skin help, allergy & first aid.

Assemble all items before packing to double check that you have everything.


Alanna Rusnak said...

I LOVE your suggestion of pre-mixing the pancake batter & taking it in a squeeze bottle. Simple and brilliant!!! Thanks :)

K.B. said...

Good ideas! When we go camping, we freeze water bottles. They replace ice and melt slowly. Then we drink them.

Unknown said...

Camping is one of my favorite outdoor adventures, especially when I am with my fiancée. This is the time I get to make some quick, simple, yet delicious outdoor meals. Deli sandwiches, macaroni & cheese w/ hot dogs are some of my favorites when am resting in the woods after a morning hike. Thanks for sharing the recipes. Check out more recipes here:

Jason Martin said...

loved your way of cooking, thank you for sharing tit with us.
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AdventureFootstep said...

I love Camping. Thanks for your suggestion!

Nino Nurmadi , S.Kom said...

Nino Nurmadi, S.Kom
Nino Nurmadi, S.Kom
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